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A female college student contacted me for counseling because accidents and unfortunate events, which were of no fault of her own, frequently occurred in her life and family. She was from a Buddhist family but had attended church in her younger days.
I had told her that the misfortunes are the result of the history of idol worshipping in her family.
We met weekly as I shared the gospel message, and started praying, holding onto the Christ concerning the spiritual being which steals people’s happiness in their lives, and deceives them towards death and destruction.
As we continued to pray, she confessed that frequent accidents and unfortunate events seized in her life and family.
She now helps those who struggle with the same problems.


Despite her thoughts and will, she had problems with persistent obscene thoughts and behaviors, repeating vices, negative thoughts, lack of identity, and impatience where she would be unable to listen to others but always interfere and speak her own thoughts.
As she continued to listen to the Word and the gospel her problems naturally melted away and gave a confession that she does not understand why she had lived the way she did.

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